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Event Name
Aug 2014
Sat 16 Aug Runners' Shop 2k (Boat House)
Runners' Shop 5k (Boat House)
Runners' Shop 10k (Boat House)
Sat 9 Aug Yarralumla Bay 2k (Yarralumla Bay)
Yarralumla Bay 4k (Yarralumla Bay)
Yarralumla Bay 6k (Yarralumla Bay)
Yarralumla Bay 8k (Yarralumla Bay)
Sun 3 Aug Jogalong - Minijog (Weston Park)
Jogalong - Midijog (Weston Park)
Jogalong (Weston Park)
Sat 2 Aug Dunrossil Drive (2.1K) (Dunrossil Drive)
Dunrossil Drive Junior Pointscore (4.2K) (Dunrossil Drive)
Dunrossil Drive Senior Pointscore (4.2K) (Dunrossil Drive)
Jul 2014
Sat 26 Jul Black Mountain Peninsula 2.25k (Black Mountain Peninsula)
Black Mountain Peninsula 4k (Black Mountain Peninsula)
Black Mountain Peninsula 8k (Black Mountain Peninsula)
Sat 12 Jul Hackett 2 km (Hackett)
Hackett 3 km (Hackett)
Hackett 6 km (Hackett)
Sun 6 Jul Jogalong-Minijog (Weston Park)

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